Dog Care Support for Seniors

Our goal is to enable older adults, living at home and with challenges affecting dog care, to continue to benefit from their relationship with their canine companions. With the help of our volunteers, ElderDog provides a range of assistance and support, including:

  • Assisting seniors with exercising their dogs
  • Delivering or picking up dog food from a grocery or pet store
  • Providing light tasks associated with animal hygiene
  • Grooming such as nail clipping or help with brushing
  • Transportation to and from vet or groomer
  • Temporary care during hospitalization

Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to.

Joe Gores

ElderDog volunteers visit seniors at home and help with basic dog care activities.

ElderDog volunteers wear approved photo IDs and have completed criminal record checks.

There are no fees for our services.

If you or someone you know needs assistance through our Dog Care Support for Seniors Program, please contact us.

Rehoming Older Dogs

For older dogs who have lost a human companion due to a residence change, or who are left without a caregiver due to illness or death, ElderDog works to provide care and companionship through:

  • Foster care in an approved foster home
  • Adoption to an approved home

ElderDog provides loving homes for older dogs to live out their lives with the dignity they deserve. We endeavour to re-home older dogs with older people who want the loving companionship of an older dog.

For dogs to be eligible for long-term care in the ElderDog Dog Care Program, they may:

  • Be 10 years or older – age criteria may vary depending on breed/size (long-term and perpetual care planning is available for younger dogs)
  • Have worked in a service/caregiving capacity
  • Have no history of aggression
  • Have experienced or are about to experience a disruption in their lives due to change in residence, human companion illness or death
  • Live with an elderly human companion who needs dog care assistance in order to stay together
  • Have care needs that can no longer be adequately provided
  • Face health and/or mobility challenges
  • Be deemed “unadoptable” by an animal shelter or humane society due to age, mobility, or state of health

Want to foster or adopt an older dog?

Because older dogs may have special age-related needs or experienced recent disruption or stress, we take extra care to find homes that best suit the needs and abilities of both the dog and human. Our application process helps us place our dogs in homes that will enable the human-animal relationship to flourish. Our application process follows four easy steps:

  1. Complete a Foster Application or Adoption Application.
  2. Our Re-homing Coordinators contact you to set up a telephone conversation.
  3. We arrange a meeting in your home.
  4. We arrange a get-acquainted meeting with a dog.

For information or application, please contact us

Long-Term & Perpetual Care

At ElderDog Canada, we know that canine companionship is more important later in life than perhaps at any other time. The many benefits of a companion dog are well documented, and those who have enjoyed a special relationship with a dog, know first-hand how special that connection is.

Many older adults, who have enjoyed the company of a dog in the past, would very much like to welcome another dog into their hearts and homes. One thing that stands in the way is a concern about what will happen to their dog if something happens to them. This worry is shared by other older adults who currently live with a dog. “What if my dog outlives me? What will happen to her?” is a familiar refrain.

ElderDog’s Long-term and Perpetual Care Program provides much-needed peace of mind. When you register in the program, if you become unable to care for your dog, ElderDog Canada makes a commitment to place your dog in a loving forever home to live out her/his life with respect and dignity.

To register, please complete the registration form for Long-term and Perpetual Care, contact, or call 1-855-336-4226 for more information.