Long-Term & Perpetuity Care

At ElderDog Canada, we know that canine companionship is more important later in life than perhaps at any other time. The many benefits of a companion dog are well documented, and those who have enjoyed a special relationship with a dog, know first-hand how special that connection is.

Many older adults, who have enjoyed the company of a dog in the past, would very much like to welcome another dog into their hearts and homes. One thing that stands in the way is a concern about what will happen to their dog if something happens to them. This worry is shared by other older adults who currently live with a dog. “What if my dog outlives me? What will happen to her?” is a familiar refrain.

ElderDog’s Long-term and Perpetuity Care Program provides much-needed peace of mind. When you register in the program, if you become unable to care for your dog, ElderDog Canada commits to place your dog in a loving forever home to live out her/his life with respect and dignity.

To register, please complete the registration form for Long-term and Perpetuity Care, contact info@elderdog.ca, or call 1-855-336-4226 for more information.